Infection Control (3)

Temporary Dust Walls on the Job Site

Construction Managers and contractors who work in the healthcare industry recognize that dust poses serious health risks at hospitals and healthcare facilities during remodeling and renovation.

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CMMC Lobby Temporary Walls

Construction Barriers in Hospitals: Your Questions Answered

Updated August 2021 IPs, FMs, or healthcare contractors may have heard of the Safety Risk Assessment or SRA, and most start to think about the Infection Control Risk Assessment or ICRA only in the days before construction begins. Both should be integral parts of the design and planning phases of construction and renovation ...

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Brigham and women's anteroom

What is an Anteroom in a Hospital?

Updated: August 2021 Modular wall systems not only demonstrated their usefulness in handling the huge number of COVID-19 patients since the start of the pandemic but also showed how hospitals could deal rapidly with infrastructural needs in other large-scale healthcare emergencies while minimizing disruption to their ...

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