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ASK THE ENGINEER: Your Top 5 Door Questions Answered

Built to be the most durable on the market, our doors are engineered to provide years of reuse. They feature the same rugged, 3-layer construction as our RealWall™ panels, with a clean, white-painted aluminum front that faces the occupied area, a sound attenuating foam core that reduces renovation noise by up to 50%, and a ...

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hinged doors

Accessories That Help Create the Perfect Fit

If you’re new to modular containment, you may have concerns about the panels not matching up perfectly. It’s a valid point, and the way a manufacturer chooses to address it tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the system you’re evaluating for purchase – especially if you usually work in sensitive areas, ...

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Ask The Engineer: Top 5 RealWall Questions Answered

Our customers face a wide variety of challenges across a broad spectrum of project types. To help save you a phone call to customer support, we asked STARC's Vice President of Product Development Bruce Bickford to identify the Top 5 questions we receive about our flagship modular wall system, RealWall™.

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How Temporary Walls Help Airports During Renovation

In today’s economy, airports have become more than centers of transportation. They have emerged as bustling centers of commerce and development. With the latter come renovation and construction projects that are commonly undertaken amongst immense crowds on their way somewhere . Temporary airport walls become necessary, if not ...

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