temporary wall systems

Rent vs Buy

Should I Rent or Buy Temporary Wall Systems?

This is a common dilemma that many of our customers face. The decision to rent or buy temporary wall systems largely depends on the duration of your project and your future needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice.

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Cleaner & Greener: How Temporary Wall Systems Advance Sustainability

STARC’s impact to date? Over 160,000 yd3 of single-use drywall waste saved… and counting Updated June 6, 2024 In today's construction industry, sustainability is paramount. Traditional methods—characterized by high waste, significant carbon emissions, and excessive resource consumption—pose considerable environmental ...

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construction planning

7 Ways to Reduce Downtime During Construction

Updated May 30, 2024 The longer a construction project takes, the more it costs to complete. While big jobs take time, there are ways to decrease your downtime and increase profitability significantly. One easy way to make this happen is to leverage temporary wall systems.

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