construction planning

7 Ways to Reduce Downtime During Construction

The longer a construction project takes, the more it costs to complete. While big jobs take time, there are ways to decrease your downtime and increase your profitability significantly. One easy way to make this happen is to leveragemodular wall systems.

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contractors meeting

Cost-Effective Construction Barriers for Contractors

Contractors can spend a lot of time and money putting up temporary walls or barriers during construction or renovation projects. There’s the cost of materials, the labor to install, and the expense of tearing it down, disposing of it, and cleaning it up afterward.

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Office wall partitions

Dividing Occupied Spaces With Office Wall Partitions

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing how our modular wall systems are particularly well-suited to healthcare construction and renovation projects. Although we’re obviously proud of the fact that our ICRA-compliant RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall™ reusable temporary containment protects patients, caregivers ...

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unpredictability in construction

The ‘New Unpredictability’ (And How Contractors Are Managing It)

Today’s occupied renovation contractors are experiencing a new level of unpredictability: supply chain inconsistencies and unforeseen price escalation, building owner uncertainties and schedule changes, labor shortages and unprecedented gross margin challenges. Exactly the kind of big-picture outlook you’d expect to make ...

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fire rated walls

ASTM E119, ASTM E84 and Fire-Rated Barriers: What You Need to Know

When conducting an occupied renovation in a hospital, a one-hour fire-rated temporary construction wall is often required by national or regional jurisdictions, particularly when a working sprinkler system is not in place. Requirements and testing specifications can vary by state, city, hospital and even by project - and can ...

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occupied construction

6 Observations from our Customers: What’s Different Now?

For an industry that strives to be on-time and under-budget, it’s difficult to plan and execute in a time of instability. All over the country and across professions we’re seeing layoffs, furloughs, new work protocols, office spaces downsizing due to remote working, fewer projects, stretched supply chains, uncertain start ...

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How Temporary Walls Help Airports During Renovation

In today’s economy, airports have become more than centers of transportation. They have emerged as bustling centers of commerce and development. With the latter come renovation and construction projects that are commonly undertaken amongst immense crowds on their way somewhere . Temporary airport walls become necessary, if not ...

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