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Choosing Modular Walls: Where to Start?

Key Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Installations Whether installed for permanent or temporary use, prefabricatedmodular walls can be the perfect solution for expanding a business or simply creating more efficient spaces. But with so many competing solutions on the market, how do you determine which is right for ...

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Cleaner & Greener: How Temporary Wall Systems Advance Sustainability

STARC’s impact to date? Over 160,000 yd3 of single-use drywall waste saved… and counting Updated June 6, 2024 In today's construction industry, sustainability is paramount. Traditional methods—characterized by high waste, significant carbon emissions, and excessive resource consumption—pose considerable environmental ...

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Patient Satisfaction Includes More Than Positive Outcomes

Healthcare success stories typically speak to the importance of doctors, nurses, and cutting-edge equipment at the point of care. However, an increasing number of hospitals and outpatient facilities are focusing on patient experience as the lynchpin connecting key performance indicators with achieving their patient-centered ...

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Modular Wall Systems: 3 Advantages for Project Managers

Rising prices are top of mind for project managers, who are doing their best to deliver on-schedule and on-budget while navigating supply chain issues and labor challenges. To help build some price predictability into project starts, many are taking a closer look at temporary containment, particularly for occupied renovations.

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What is a demountable wall?

STARC defines a demountable wall as a temporary modular barrier that can be quickly assembled or removed to provide protection from dust, noise and dangerous hazards, such as those created by construction or demolition activities.

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Creating an 8’ Corridor ICRA Barrier Kit

When it comes to innovation in temporary containment and barrier systems, the industry leader is STARC Systems. Contractors, managers, architects, and engineers and the like, turn to STARC Systems time and again to provide the most effective, high-performance containment walls available anywhere.

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