temporary reusable construction wall

Who is Intertek?

In the world of commercial construction, ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency is mission-critical. This is where Intertek, a global leader in Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification (ATIC) services, plays a crucial role.

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temporary walls in office

Hide Construction in Corporate Offices with Temporary Walls

Renovation projects in any work environment can present challenges, but when corporate office space is subjected to remodeling and renovation, temporary office wall panels or reusable office wall partition systems can offer a containment solution that greatly reduces disruption from the construction.

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How Temporary Walls Help Airports During Renovation

In today’s economy, airports have become more than centers of transportation. They have emerged as bustling centers of commerce and development. With the latter come renovation and construction projects that are commonly undertaken amongst immense crowds on their way somewhere . Temporary airport walls become necessary, if not ...

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