ICRA Containment Barriers

ICRA 2.0

ICRA 2.0: Key Takeaways

The latest ASHE-led changes and clarifications aimed at improving infection control during healthcare construction – commonly referred to as ICRA 2.0 – offer much to consider. During STARC’s recent webinar, ICRA 2.0: Recommendations for Improving Prevention Planning in Healthcare Construction, attendees heard from our panel of ...

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ICRA temporary wall

Improving Prevention Planning With ICRA 2.0

The next generation of the infection control risk assessment – dubbed ICRA 2.0 – was developed by ASHE, which convened a group of experts to review the original ICRA processes after several years in use. Although the updated precautions matrix is intended as a guide for healthcare construction and renovation projects, it’s a ...

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What is the ICRA 2.0 Precautions Matrix?

An ICRA is a multidisciplinary, organizational documented process intended to reduce infection risks during all phases of facility planning, design, construction, renovation and facility maintenance. The ICRA 2.0 precautions matrix is the recently updated tool that is used by whoever is planning and implementing the ...

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ICRA 2.0 Temporary Modular Walls

What is ICRA 2.0?

The use of infection control risk assessments (ICRAs) during healthcare construction projects has been a work in progress spanning several decades.

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CARES Act update

CARES Act Update

In September, the Treasury Department issued a clarification for hospital and healthcare recipients of $22 billion in pandemic response funds from the CARES Act.

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