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what is a fire-rated wall

What is a Fire-Rated Wall?

What Comprises a Fire-Rated Wall? Designed to contain fire and smoke for a predetermined amount of time, fire-rated walls are part of a building’s passive fire protection system. Whether permanent or temporary, these walls are inspected against applicable code by the appropriate regulatory authorities, with the goal of ...

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Healthcare Construction Lessons Learned From 2021: Reader Favorites

Welcome to 2022! As we kick off the New Year, let’s give a quick nod to some of the most relevant topics covered over the past 12 months. Following are the Top Five blog posts that resonated most with our growing audience of commercial contractors, project managers, facilities managers, infection preventionists, and others ...

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California Gives Thumbs-Up to FireblockWall

In December, our FireblockWall™ solution received OPM approval from the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI, formerly known as the Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, or OSHPD). HCAI’s allowance applies to temporary construction barriers, when approved for a specific location, ...

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unpredictability in construction

The ‘New Unpredictability’ (And How Contractors Are Managing It)

Today’s occupied renovation contractors are experiencing a new level of unpredictability: supply chain inconsistencies and unforeseen price escalation, building owner uncertainties and schedule changes, labor shortages and unprecedented gross margin challenges. Exactly the kind of big-picture outlook you’d expect to make ...

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temporary containment in occupied healthcare renovation

3 Tough Containment Challenges… Solved!

Temporary containment isn’t the exciting part of any occupied renovation, but it has its place in the overall project. As often as not, the small choices that go into deciding which method of temporary containment to use impact overall project success – particularly if there are aspects to the job that require flexibility, or ...

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FireblockWall 1 Hour Fire-Rated Wall

Why & How We Designed a One-Hour Fire-Rated Wall: Behind the Scenes

When STARC Systems launched its first product in 2014, we brought to life the industry’s most innovative, durable temporary dust barrier and containment system – RealWall™. It was an exciting time because we knew we were onto something. LiteBarrier™, our reusable modular wall system, quickly followed suit. It impressed ...

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