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ICRA temporary wall

Improving Prevention Planning With ICRA 2.0

The next generation of the infection control risk assessment – dubbed ICRA 2.0 – was developed by ASHE, which convened a group of experts to review the original ICRA processes after several years in use. Although the updated precautions matrix is intended as a guide for healthcare construction and renovation projects, it’s a ...

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fire barrier safety symbol

What are the AHJs for fire barriers?

What is an AHJ? The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is a generic term for the code official, or other trained and certified officials, bearing responsibility for ensuring that fire barriers are constructed or installed in a manner prescribed by the manufacturer’s instructions, listings, Fire Code, Life Safety Codes, the ...

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FireblockWall sound attenuation

What is ASTM E90 for sound transmission?

A wall system’s sound attenuation, or ability to reduce sound pressure, can be measured in laboratory conditions through a test published by ASTM, under Standard E90 - Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.

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ICRA 2.0 test

5 Cases Using ICRA 2.0: Test Your Understanding

By JANET HAAS, PhD, RN, CIC, Principal Consulting Epidemiologist, Innovative Infection Prevention The latest version of the infection control risk assessment has been called ICRA 2.0 to distinguish it from the original version that facility managers and infection preventionists have been using for several years. As mentioned in ...

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Renovations: Understanding NFPA 241 Improves Fire Safety

During healthcare construction and renovation projects, fire safety issues typically arise from a lack of knowledge or understanding of NFPA 241, the standard that provides measures for preventing or minimizing fire damage to structures during construction, alteration or demolition.

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demountable wall system

What is a demountable wall?

STARC defines a demountable wall as a temporary modular barrier that can be quickly assembled or removed to provide protection from dust, noise and dangerous hazards, such as those created by construction or demolition activities.

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What is the ICRA 2.0 Precautions Matrix?

An ICRA is a multidisciplinary, organizational documented process intended to reduce infection risks during all phases of facility planning, design, construction, renovation and facility maintenance. The ICRA 2.0 precautions matrix is the recently updated tool that is used by whoever is planning and implementing the ...

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