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STARC Honored by Modular Construction Products Provider Award

Winner of the 2023 Award for Modular Construction Products Provider, STARC Systems takes pride in creating safe and secure working environments for clients with solutions that offer an added level of security for renovation projects. STARC's product line is distinguished by performance, functionality, and reusability, making ...

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temporary containment wall

ASK THE ENGINEER: Your Top 5 Door Questions Answered

Built to be the most durable on the market, our doors are engineered to provide years of reuse. They feature the same rugged, 3-layer construction as our RealWall™ panels, with a clean, white-painted aluminum front that faces the occupied area, a sound attenuating foam core that reduces renovation noise by up to 50%, and a ...

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construction planning

7 Ways to Reduce Downtime During Construction

The longer a construction project takes, the more it costs to complete. While big jobs take time, there are ways to decrease your downtime and increase your profitability significantly. One easy way to make this happen is to leveragemodular wall systems.

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STARC Wins Healthcare Design 2023 Product Innovation Award

When it comes to healthcare, safety is always a top priority. That's why STARC's FireblockWall™ is such a game-changer. As the ONLY one-hour fire-rated alternative to drywall for use in healthcare renovations, FireblockWall recently won Healthcare Design’s 2023 Silver Product Innovation Award.

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ASK THE ENGINEER: Top 5 FireblockWall Questions Answered

When we launched FireblockWall™ in 2021, customers were excited to finally have a reusable one-hour fire-rated temporary containment system. There was nothing else like it on the market, and it was something Project Managers, Contractors and Facilities Managers had requested since day one.

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Water Management For Construction and Renovation

A topic of interest for safety officers, facility managers and infection preventionists is water safety in healthcare. There are routine aspects of water safety that are addressed in each facility’s required water management plan. The CDC has a Healthcare Facility Water Management Program Checklist that goes over the basics. ...

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hinged doors

Accessories That Help Create the Perfect Fit

If you’re new to modular containment, you may have concerns about the panels not matching up perfectly. It’s a valid point, and the way a manufacturer chooses to address it tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the system you’re evaluating for purchase – especially if you usually work in sensitive areas, ...

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Ask The Engineer: Top 5 RealWall Questions Answered

Our customers face a wide variety of challenges across a broad spectrum of project types. To help save you a phone call to customer support, we asked STARC's Vice President of Product Development Bruce Bickford to identify the Top 5 questions we receive about our flagship modular wall system, RealWall™.

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