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modular wall durability

The Hidden Value of Durability: Profits

High-quality prefabricated modular wall systems offer a number of advantages on the job site. They go up fast and easy, are reusable and easy to reconfigure, and don’t require all the clean-up and debris removal that accompanies drywall.

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prefabricated modular walls

Choosing Prefabricated Modular Walls: Part 1

With worldwide prefabricated construction projected to grow to over $200 billion by 2030, demand for building components is on the rise. These components include prefabricated modular walls, which contractors are leveraging to speed on-site builds, generate cost savings, usher in safety improvements, and boost owner ...

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temporary walls

Renovation Lessons Learned From 2022: Reader Favorites

As we head into the New Year, it’s worth noting some of the most popular topics covered over the past 12 months. Following are the Top Five blog posts that resonated most with our growing audience of contractors, project managers, facilities managers, infection preventionists, and others tasked with eliminating disruption ...

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dust control in healthcare facilities

Effective Dust Control in Healthcare Settings

Dust control in healthcare can seem like a never-ending battle. While it’s challenging to keep facilities clean, it’s critical to keep patients safe. Dust can introduce allergens into the air, transport bacteria, and increase healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s).

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contractors meeting

Cost-Effective Construction Barriers for Contractors

Contractors can spend a lot of time and money putting up temporary walls or barriers during construction or renovation projects. There’s the cost of materials, the labor to install, and the expense of tearing it down, disposing of it, and cleaning it up afterward.

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The Benefits – And Limitations – of Polycarbonate Wall Panels

For years, contractors have used plastic sheets or drywall to block off or contain areas when construction called for temporary walls. Both are messy and inefficient. Plastic sheets don’t hold up over time and often struggle to keep construction debris inside. Drywall is expensive, especially when you factor in material costs, ...

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modular wall solutions

Patient Satisfaction Includes More Than Positive Outcomes

Healthcare success stories typically speak to the importance of doctors, nurses, and cutting-edge equipment at the point of care. However, an increasing number of hospitals and outpatient facilities are focusing on patient experience as the lynchpin connecting key performance indicators with achieving their patient-centered ...

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Office wall partitions

Dividing Occupied Spaces With Office Wall Partitions

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing how our modular wall systems are particularly well-suited to healthcare construction and renovation projects. Although we’re obviously proud of the fact that our ICRA-compliant RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall™ reusable temporary containment protects patients, caregivers ...

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