7 Ways to Reduce Downtime During Construction

The longer a construction project takes, the more it costs to complete. While big jobs take time, there are ways to decrease your downtime and increase your profitability significantly. One easy way to make this happen is to leverage modular wall systems.

7 Ways Our Systems Reduce Downtime During Construction

Faster Installation

Remodeling work can’t begin until you wall off construction areas. But drywall can take a couple of days to install. With high-quality temporary wall systems such as RealWall™ or LiteBarrier™, you can complete a 100-foot wall in an hour.

Modular panels also offer helpful options, like expanding panels, locked doors, and ceiling grid guides to simplify the process and eliminate having to build custom work arounds.

Virtually Eliminates Construction Mess

Drywall containment makes a mess. With STARC Systems, there is no mess. The prefabricated panels come ready to go, and they do a great job controlling the spread of dust and potentially dangerous pathogens.

Quieter Installation

In some environments, you may only be able to install containment walls after hours because the client needs to prevent disruption to occupied areas. Installation of our modular panel systems is quiet, fast and easy, with no hammering or sawing required. Typically, this work is performed during normal business hours, which can speed-up projects and reduce labor costs.

The sound attenuating panels reduce construction noise by up to 50%.

Airtight Seals

STARC’s temporary wall systems are designed to create airtight seals for containment, including negative air environments. With other methods, if there’s a gap in wall construction, damage to a wall, or any other problem, you have to stop the job to fix it.

In the unlikely event that one of our panels gets damaged on the jobsite, it’s easy to swap out another one.

Faster Tear Down and No Waste

Unlike tearing down drywall or wood walls, there’s no waste with our modular panels. That means you don’t have to think about disposing of materials, cleaning-up, or the tremendous amount of waste that’s common with other containment choices. Disassembly is fast, easy and clean – and you eliminate disposal costs.

Reusable Materials

Our temporary wall systems are highly durable and engineered for heavy re-use across many, many projects. You can quickly move panels to the next project phase or reuse them in a new space. And because they are designed for versatility, these systems can be configured in multiple ways to fit nearly any construction project.

In fact, the panels will pay for themselves in three or four phases, reducing the cost of future projects. Contractors can still charge for containment without additional materials and labor costs, turning containment into a profit center.

No Worrying About Materials or Costs

Over the past few years, the industry has grappled with supply chain disruptions, price fluctuations, and labor shortages. With STARC’s temporary containment systems, you gain predictability in your business, knowing you’ll have the materials you need at a price point you can plan around.

For more information about how you can reduce your downtime costs, or to discuss an upcoming project, contact us today.

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