Safety and Security: Why Temporary Construction Walls Are Ideal for Your Project

When you think of prefabricated modular wall systems, it’s usually with containment in mind – a way to quickly manage the construction dust and debris common to active job sites. Key advantages include quick and easy set-up that requires less labor and (at least with higher quality modular walls) the chance to improve project profitability because these systems are engineered to be highly durable and reusable.

Temporary Construction Walls Create a Safer and More Secure Job Site

There are other reasons why temporary construction walls may be ideal for your project, whether at a healthcare facility, an office building, an airport, a data center, or any other commercial construction space.

Rigid Safety Standards

Containing dust and debris isn’t just about maintaining appearances during renovation work; having clean (and cleanable) walls is important.

Beyond looking great, prefabricated modular containment protects occupants from potentially dangerous dust and debris. For example, healthcare facilities operate 24/7/365. Even work performed during off hours can pose a risk to patients, caregivers, staff and visitors, so higher-quality containment systems are designed and engineered with critical safety standards in mind.

That’s why all three of STARC’s temporary wall systems – RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall™ – meet or exceed key safety requirements, including ICRA Class IV and Class V. As the first of its kind reusable one hour fire-rated temporary containment system, FireblockWall also meets four industry fire codes, including the critical certification for a one-hour fire-rated barrier.

Enhanced Security

During renovation work, inventory and access control are crucial. In a hospital, for example, construction done in accessible areas may require strict security measures, especially if they include pharmacies or medical equipment storage.

In airports, construction sites are typically past security checkpoints. Access could allow malicious actors to find construction materials that could be used as weapons. Other construction areas may expose sensitive information, equipment, and tools to theft.

Interlocking prefabricated modular panels provide a barrier to entry. You can add door locks to prevent access and keep unauthorized personnel out. Higher-quality wall systems typically offer several options to fulfill your security requirements, including mechanical locks, keycode locks, or locks with single-key options.

Preventing unauthorized access is essential, not only for protecting the worksite and securing equipment but to protect anyone near the job site.

Think of it this way: prefabricated modular panels don’t have sharp, exposed components – not even during installation. But if a crew takes a break halfway through a drywall installation, there may be exposed metal or wood studs that pose safety hazards.

Serious Noise Reduction

Unlike drywall construction, installing prefabricated modular wall panels is quiet, allowing you to work during business hours rather than paying crews extra for night or off-hour work. Higher-quality reusable temporary wall systems, such as STARC’s, can reduce renovation noise by up to 50%.

Temporary Construction Walls: Ideal for Your Project

High-quality reusable temporary walls are engineered for superior safety, security, and noise reduction.

To learn more about STARC’s temporary wall systems and accessories, including pricing options for your projects, contact us today.

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