Should I Rent or Buy Temporary Wall Systems?

This is a common dilemma that many of our customers face. The decision to rent or buy temporary wall systems largely depends on the duration of your project and your future needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice.

Project Timeline

One of the easiest ways to decide whether to rent or buy is to consider the length of your project. Here’s a simple rule of thumb:

  • 1-4 Months: Renting is generally the most cost-effective option.
  • More than 4 Months: Buying becomes more economical.

STARC’s flagship temporary wall system, RealWall™, is available for rental through our exclusive nationwide partner, Sunbelt Rentals. In areas not covered by Sunbelt Rentals, we collaborate with regional rental companies to ensure you get the temporary walls you need.

Key Questions

If your project exceeds four months, consider these two critical questions before deciding to buy:

  1. Storage: Do you have a place to store your temporary wall panels?
  2. Future Projects: Will you be using these temporary walls immediately for another project after the current one?

If your answer to either question is “No,” renting is likely your best option.

Risk Management

Even if your project is long-term and you have storage, deciding between renting and buying can still be tricky. Renting offers a low-risk way to try out STARC’s premier temporary walls. You get reliable, high-quality panels without the commitment of purchasing them outright. This approach allows you to experience the benefits firsthand and determine if they meet your needs.

Hybrid Approach

Don’t think you’re too big to rent. Many of our largest customers—those who own thousands of linear feet of STARC’s temporary reusable wall systems—still opt to supplement their inventory with rentals. This hybrid model is especially useful when you need temporary walls and accessories quickly.

For example, you might own 1,000 linear feet of STARC wall panels but need a specific accessory, like one of our Double Doors or a 24-inch negative air panel, to meet a short-term requirement. Renting provides a quick and easy solution, ensuring you get what you need without delay. Think of it as your easy-button for fast, reliable installation, too.

Buying Advantage?

In many cases, buying temporary walls is your best option, particularly for large-scale projects such as airports or data centers. These projects often span multiple phases over several years. Relying on a rental partner to set up, break down, and reconfigure wall panels repeatedly isn’t economically feasible.

For such extensive projects, purchasing and reusing your temporary wall system makes far greater financial sense. It allows for continuous use without the recurring costs associated with rentals and can significantly reduce overall project expenses.


When deciding whether to rent or buy temporary wall systems, consider the length of your project, your storage capabilities, and your future needs. Renting is ideal for shorter projects or when you need a specific accessory quickly. Buying is more economical for long-term, large-scale projects where continuous use is expected.

With STARC’s purchase and rental options, you can find the perfect solution to keep your projects moving forward efficiently. Whether you choose to rent or buy, you can trust STARC’s temporary wall systems to provide the reliability and quality you need.

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