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STARC Systems began as one man's invention and has quickly grown into a 40 person operation. “It always starts with the product and the idea,” CEO Chris Vickers says. Recently WGME did a piece on STARC Systems' humble startup story, our rapid growth, and success, as well as our plans for the future in a segment, called Working Solutions: Inventing Entrepreneurial Success.

The innovative reusable temporary wall containment system has shaken up the healthcare, construction, and manufacturing industries by replacing dirty, dusty drywall hospital renovations with an easily sterilized construction dust barrier. As STARC continues to expand sales nationally and internationally, the immediate challenge is sustaining progress and hiring experienced staff.

Learn more about the company, how the dust containment system works, and the continued investment and development of the product by watching the segment or reading the full article on WGME.

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