4 Questions to Answer When Choosing Fire-Rated Containment

A guide to four critical questions to answer when one-hour fire-rated containment is required for an occupied renovation project.  

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  1. Does it pass ASTM requirements?
    One-hour fire-rated containment must meet both ASTM E119 and E84 flame and smoke spread testing requirements. To learn more about the tests and fire-rated wall requirements, check out our comprehensive ASTM E119 & E84 blog post or download our quick guide.

  2. Does it install quickly?
    Fast installation is a critical component for temporary containment. Traditional fire-rated containment, such as drywall, is not associated with speedy set-up. Enter our  FireblockWall system. Featuring the same innovative and intuitive lift-and-drop connections found in our other solutions, FireblockWall installs four times faster than drywall, while also exceeding ASTM E119 and E84 requirements. Watch how FireblockWall's design features get you renovation-ready in unprecedented time.

  3. Does it meet all safety standards?
    Fire-rated temporary containment should meet more than just critical ASTM, NFPA 101 and IBC requirements. It should also help stop the spread of dangerous construction dust. In fact, healthcare systems often require containment materials meet stringent ICRA Class IV infection control requirements. FireblockWall exceeds each of these safety standards.

  4. Is it reusable?
    Unlike wasteful single-use drywall or plastic, which get tossed in a landfill after a renovation project, our durable FireblockWall system can be reused for hundreds of future projects. And it pays for itself in just three to five uses! 

Learn more about FireblockWall, the industry’s first and only one-hour fire-rated modular containment system engineered for safety, speed and durability - and to finally give contractors and facilities managers a superior alternative to outdated drywall and polycarbonate. 

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