What Do Contractors Need to Know About Soaring Drywall Costs?

With prices for gypsum building materials rising steadily since October 2020 – and major renovations going out for re-bid as materials costs across the board continue to climb – it’s easy to understand why most contractors are concerned about soaring drywall costs.

Just like inflation and other economic uncertainties, forecasts for drywall and other building material costs vary and change frequently. One thing is certain: betting on predictable – or decreasing – drywall costs is unlikely to pay off.

Factor in the widely acknowledged lack of skilled labor, as well as ongoing supply chain issues ushered in by the pandemic, and the significance of soaring drywall costs becomes clear. Relying on drywall for temporary containment no longer makes sense, especially when you consider overtime costs; tear-down, clean-up and disposal costs; and the environmental costs associated with using a non-sustainable solution.

What are Alternatives for Drywall?

Maybe that’s why more and more contractors are exploring drywall alternatives like modular walls for temporary containment.

Our RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall products, for example, have gained traction in healthcare and other sensitive environments because they provide far more than just wall panels. These completely integrated systems deliver extreme durability while exceeding ICRA Class IV and ASTM E119 and E84 requirements – solving for just about any temporary containment challenge you’re likely to encounter.

Of course, no modular temporary containment system will offset an inflationary trend. But the fact that RealWall, LiteBarrier and FireblockWall can be installed fast, moved easily, and reused hundreds of times means there’s a better way to manage the potentially devastating effects of rising prices.

Why are Drywall Costs Going Up?

In the meantime, here are three resources to help you keep up with drywall cost trends and perspectives:

For an interesting look at the true costs of choosing drywall temporary containment for your healthcare renovations and maintenance projects, check out The True & Hidden Costs of Drywall: Infographic.

By providing these resources, we hope contractors are better positioned to recognize and navigate the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis – and understand how choosing the right temporary containment can make all the difference to project success.

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