Protecting Data Center Suites During Renovation

Data centers are huge investments. Depending on where the data center is built, it can cost between $200 per square foot up to $1,000 per square foot or more. With the addition of servers and equipment inside the facility, you can’t put your investment and revenue at risk.

In data centers, strict protocols for cleaning are critical. Electronic equipment is sensitive to dirt and can cause serious damage. Damage to your equipment or your customer’s equipment can be very expensive. So, keeping everything safe and protected from construction dust and debris is crucial during renovation.

Highly Effective Data Center Construction Containment

STARC Systems’ temporary wall systems significantly reduce the debris and dust caused by drywall and provide greater protection than plastic sheeting.

Modular containment wall solutions can be installed quickly, blending into the background because they look like real walls. Two people can install about 100 feet of wall in just an hour. Designed to ensure your hardware is kept safe and secure, STARC’s prefabricated modular walls are uniquely suited to data center renovations.

You can also maintain tight temperature control, which is critical to protect equipment and keep cooling costs under control. Temperature control is crucial since about 40% of the average data center’s energy consumption costs go to powering cooling and ventilation.

These temporary wall panels are efficient for maintaining temperature-controlled environments. Gaskets on top and bottom panels and adjustable threshold and gasket sweeps on doors create air-tight seals. These modular containment panels are so efficient at controlling the temperature that many data centers leave them up to block off areas for future growth to reduce cooling costs in unused space.

Containment walls also provide the most efficient system for maintaining air pressure in a cold aisle or negative air in subfloors. Negative air panels can also be integrated to contain renovation dust further.

Flexible, Modular Containment Systems

Besides protecting equipment, the flexibility of modular containment systems provides options to fit your unique configuration. For example, while most cages can fit through traditional doors, you can add double doors or move panels easily for improved access.

You can also choose from various panel configurations to help secure areas, including multiple options for locks depending on the level of security required.

Modular containment systems can also be repurposed. This lets you move panels to new areas where you need to work or block off other areas. You can mix and match modular units to reconfigure spaces easily and quickly.

With drywall, you’ve got the mess of construction and demolition, which can’t be reused. Modular systems can provide an effective containment system that will provide short-term and long-term solutions.

The Perfect Solution for Data Center Renovations

STARC’s modular, reusable temporary walls are the perfect solution for containing dust and construction debris in data centers. Contact us today to request a quote or get additional information.

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