Ask The Engineer: Top 5 RealWall Questions Answered

Our customers face a wide variety of challenges across a broad spectrum of project types. To help save you a phone call to customer support, we asked STARC's Vice President of Product Development Bruce Bickford to identify the Top 5 questions we receive about our flagship modular wall system, RealWall™.

Of course, if your question doesn’t appear below, we’re happy to hop on a call – but the following information should provide clarification.

Top 5 Questions About RealWall

P4How does RealWall account for gaps and varying dimensions?

Through our commitment to versality and safety, which we design into all of our modular wall systems and accessories. More specifically, our telescoping wall panels extend from 6’10” to 10’3” and come in widths of 12”, 18”, 24”, 32” and 42”. Having this level of flexibility solves for gaps and varying heights across a range of project types. It also enables our customers to quickly move through multiple project phases with quick-and-easy installation.

Superior StabilityHow much does RealWall weigh?

RealWall’s weight varies according to panel width. Here’s a quick break-down:

  • 12” panel – weighs 36 lbs.
  • 18” panel – weighs 44 lbs.
  • 24” panel – weighs 52 lbs.
  • 32” panel – weighs 66 lbs.
  • 42” panel – weighs 80 lbs.

Sound AttenuatingHow much sound does it block out?

Controlling project noise is a key consideration during occupied renovations. A wall system’s sound attenuation, or ability to reduce sound pressure, can be measured in laboratory conditions through a test published by ASTM, under Standard E90 - Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements. Common interior structure walls may be built to have an STC value between 30 and 56. A common windowpane has a value of 26. RealWall has been tested with an STC rating of 24; this first-rate sound attenuation reduces noise up to 50% The value of a high STC rating is reflected in how well it isolates a space from exterior noise sources, so the sound level is appropriate for the occupancy.

Product ComparisonHow does RealWall fasten to the ceiling/floor?

Ceiling grid clips are used to anchor the top of the panels to the ceiling grid for rigid stability. Each panel attaches to the floor with a rubber gasket, which provides an airtight seal and superior grip for stability. The top of the RealWall panel also features a gasket, providing another airtight seal. This airtight system exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements with the use of negative air machines, typically achieving greater than 0.03 inches water negative pressure. RealWall also exceeds ASTM E84 standards for flame and smoke spread.

Class A Fire & Smoke Rated-3Is RealWall fire-rated?

RealWall has an ASTM E84 Class A flame and smoke rating but it is not one-hour fire-rated. FireblockWall™ is the first and only temporary, reusable containment that is a one-hour fire-rated assembly.

We hope this post addresses your questions about RealWall. If not, please reach out and we'll get you the information you need.

Next month, Ask the Engineer will dive into the Top 5 questions we receive about our one-hour fire-rated reusable containment system, FireblockWall™.

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