Why Use Lightweight Temporary Partitions During Construction?

As a containment strategy during renovation, remodeling or additions, temporary partitions for construction projects have a prominent role in preventing or minimizing disruption to adjacent work or public areas in buildings. More importantly, the partitions also contain the transmission of dust, contaminants, and other potentially harmful particulates stirred up during the demolition.

STARC Systems introduced premier temporary partitions for construction with the introduction of the reusable RealWall™, which is the only sound attenuating temporary containment and reduces renovation noise by up to 50%. Today, STARC temporary walls are used in all 50 states and multiple countries during construction projects in hospitals, universities, office buildings, airports, and biotech labs.

The LiteBarrier™ Modular, Lightweight Containment System

STARC Systems introduces LiteBarrier™,  an extremely durable lightweight solution where sound attenuation isn’t required. The LiteBarrier™ system is specifically designed for those jobs that necessitate ongoing or frequent reconfiguration of partitions as the project progresses. The system with its simple and quick lift and drop panel connection feature facilitates rapid installation and 100’ of wall can be installed by one person in just an hour. 

LiteBarrier™ is a great looking containment system and blends into the existing environment helping to hide the renovation site. For the budget-minded, the extremely durable containment solution offers lower up-front costs and a quick return on investment versus drywall,  usually after just 3-5 uses. Because the system is so durable, reusable and backed by a 2-year warranty it can be used for hundreds of jobs over many years virtually eliminating future containment costs. It’s also much more environmentally friendly than traditional containment methods like drywall or plastic sheeting. 

Durable, Tough, and Flexible

The LiteBarrier™ system excels on all fronts where temporary partitions for construction are required without sound attenuation.  It is the most durable, easiest to install and great looking solution on the market in the lightweight containment category. The slim, lightweight anodized aluminum frame is exceptionally strong and will not rack or twist. It houses tough fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels resistant to scratches, dents, and impacts, unlike polycarbonate plastic alternatives. The system’s hinged door is flexible and versatile and can be easily adjusted in the field to swing in or out or open left or right. The over-the-door kit provides an airtight seal from the top of the door frame to the ceiling.

Exceeds ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 Requirements

Like the RealWall™ system, LiteBarrier™ temporary walls provide an important and essential tool for contractors that specialize in patient occupied healthcare, biotech and life science-related construction projects. Negative air panels are fully integrated and can accommodate all common pressure monitors and exhaust systems and maintain negative air containment necessary for healthcare settings and lab environments. The LiteBarrier™ system exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements mitigating infection control risks to protect patients, staff, and visitors, from airborne contaminants.

In addition to exceeding ICRA Class IV requirements, the reusable temporary containment panels meet the stringent ASTM E-84 Class A performance standards for smoke and fire spread.


LiteBarrier™ has a wide range of accessories to solve the challenges of the toughest project requirements.  Flexible corners telescope to form inside or outside airtight corners from 15° to 90° and allow for the creation of a curved wall. A wall interface telescopes vertically and horizontally to fill gaps with airtight seals to existing walls or where walls are not plumb. Filler panels fit around handrails, heating units or other wall protrusions to create an airtight seal. Ceiling and floor braces provide unmatched flexibility in securing containment walls.  Panel carts are an added plus for multiple phase jobs that necessitate transport to locations throughout the worksite and are ideal for storing the panels between phases or jobs LiteBarrier™ also has an adapter interface that connects to STARC’s larger RealWall™ system and polycarbonate plastic systems.

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