Temporary Containment Cost Analysis-Drywall vs. Poly Barrier vs. The STARC System

We get asked the question a lot so we decided to break down the true cost of the three major temporary containment methods used today. We will be comparing three temporary construction walls: conventional drywall, poly barrier containment methods to the STARC Systems solution, using real-world data and labor rates to find out just how much money you can save Money with the STARC Advantage.

Number of uses to pay off the system:

2.4 uses for drywall partitions; 6.2 uses for poly partitions After payback STARC customers make a profit of $2,055 per use on 20’ of wall!


The STARC Modular Containment System is designed with the customer in mind, simplifying an overly complex task. By doing so, we not only save our customers money we make them profitable

Here’s how:

A STARC mobility cart will hold between 20’ and 31’ of wall (we will use our example of 20 feet of wall up 9’-0” as a comparison between systems). The costs below are inclusive of build, maintain, remove & disposal.

  • Drywall partition – Total cost per installation: $2280
  • Labor Hours = 25 mh @ $75/hr = $1,875
  • Material cost = $360
  • Disposal Fees = $45
  • Poly Partition – Total cost per installation: $884
  • Labor Hours = 11 mh @ $75/hr = $825
  • Material cost = $49
  • Disposal costs = $10
  • STARC Systems – Total recurring cost per installation: $225
  • Labor Hours = 3 mh @ $75/hr = $225
  • Reusable Capital Equipment = $5,225
  • Disposal costs = $0

Other Advantages beyond the payback:

  • Reusable Equipment = GREEN, sustainable building product
  • Reusable Equipment = Depreciation of equipment
  • Marketability – STARC Systems is clean and sleek, post your company logo on the panels and
    add custom construction signs.
  • Professional grade materials ensuring years of maintenance free service
  • Fully assembled doors: Install Door, frame, and hardware in 2-minutes vs. 4-hrs!
  • Patient & Client satisfaction
  • Reduce noise
  • Eliminate dust generating materials
  • Maintain negative pressure and monitoring
  • Security integration into heavy-duty lockset/interchangeable cores
  • Washable
  • Reduce duration of multi-phased renovation projects
  • Work during normal hours vs. off hours
  • Less facility interruption – keep vital operations up and running while erecting or moving panels

Number of uses to payoff the system:

2.4 uses for drywall partitions

6.2 uses for poly partitions

After payback STARC customers make a profit of $2,055 per use on 20’ of wall!

Here’s how we calculated the labor savings:

Drywall partitions take hours and often days to complete

  • Order & deliver materials to site = 1-mh
  •  Cut and fabricate wall tracks and studs = 2-MH
  • Build metal stud wall = 3-MH
  • Hang sheetrock = 2-MH
  • Tape Sheetrock = 3-MH
  • Sand Sheetrock = 1-MH
  • Paint sheetrock = 1-MH
  • Insulate wall for sound control (optional) = ½-MH
  • Install door frame = 1-MH
  • Install door and hardware & adjust = 2 ½-MH
  • Clean up daily during installation(assumes 2-day setup) = 1 ½-MH
  • Set up poly containment to remove dust generating wall = 2-MH
  • Remove wall = 2 ½-MH
  • Haul and dispose of wall = 1-MH
  • Clean up around site and remove poly containment = 1-MH

Total Man Hours for 20’ of drywall partition = 25- Man Hrs

Poly Partitions are flimsy and require time to set up and maintain

  • Order & deliver materials to site = 1-MH
  • Roll out poly roll on floor in public space & cut = ½-MH
  • Hang poly from ceiling grid or optional poles = 1-MH
  • Duct tape poly to floor = ½-MH
  • Tape poly to walls = ½-MH
  • Install zipper door = ¼-MH
  • Fix and adjust t0 ceiling grid where loose = ¼-MH
  • Maintain poly daily (assumes-1 week install) = 3 ¾-MH
  • Replace zipper door due to damage = 1-MH
  • Clean up around poly wall for removal = ¾-MH
  • Remove poly wall = ½-MH
  • Remove duct tape and clean residue = ½-MH
  • Dispose of poly (non-decomposing material in nature) = ½-MH

Total Man Hours for 20’ of poly partition = 11-Man Hrs

STARC Systems is a simple reusable engineered system

  • Deliver and wheel to the site = ¼-MH
  • Install panels (including door panel) = 1 ½-MH
  • Finish system to adjacent wall intersection = 1/2-MH
  • Clean around wall and remove panels for next use! = ¾-MH

Total Man Hours for 20’ of STARC Systems (including door) 3- Man Hrs!

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