Containment System Not Only for Healthcare Facilities

Written by Gearhart and Associates, LLC. for STARC Systems, Inc. Gearhart and Associates are industry experts in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) training, Infection Control and Prevention Strategies, and Facilities Risk Management.

It’s no secret that the need for proper containment within the healthcare space is vital and necessary to ensure the safety of patients, staff members, and practices. Healthcare facilities that have used the STARC Containment System have seen major reductions in the spread of infectious diseases, cross-contamination, and outbreaks, along with a drastic reduction in labor costs and downtime between project phases.

However, a common misconception is that containment walls are only used within the healthcare arena, when in fact, the need for containment spans across multiple industries and applications. The system has been used as an effective containment system for commercial/industrial renovation settings, data centers, assisted living, retail, offices, airports, and hospitality spaces.

Assisted Living

Whether it’s due to recent damage (water, fire, etc) or simply renovations, having the ability to separate the staff and occupants from the focal area of reconstruction is vital in Senior Living and Long-Term Care facilities. The facility needs to continue to be running during reconstruction without the relocation of occupants and have confidence that both are kept safe throughout the reconstruction or damage restoration. This requires a containment system that is safe and simple to put into place but also allows for operations to continue for the facility.

In a recent project done by Damage Control Inc. at an assisted living facility, Jeff Skrilow, CR, WLS had this to say about the STARC system,

“It’s easier for the staff, and much easier for the occupants,” Jeff said, “Safety is paramount when keeping the staff and occupants in the structure while the crew is working to fix and repair the damage done. It’s very easy to install, dismantle, and reinstall without any dust or debris. It’s been a game changer.”

Data Centers

Recently Hudson Valley Contracting & DKI, a leading restoration contractor in Hudson Valley, NY, was approached by a data center in need of containment. However, it was not due to a disaster situation or damage restoration, but simply the need to renovate the current facility.

The need for containment came in because of the risk posed by the dust that would be caused by the renovation. The facility could not afford to have the central data hub contaminated, and in turn, required a reliable system. Though Hudson Valley Contracting was not allowed inside of the facility because of the nature of the company, they were able to train the vetted contractors on installation and dismantling of the STARC system.

For companies in need of reconstruction within the building, but fear the damage that could be done to the equipment that holds highly sensitive information, the STARC containment system ensures protection from dust caused by renovations.

Commercial Construction

From office spaces to airports to residential properties, having the ability to continue in daily operations is a must. Much like assisted living, these places don’t have the ability to shut down because of renovations scheduled, and employees need to continue their day to day tasks without the distraction or mess of contractors coming in and out. Closing down during renovation is not a viable option.

With owners needing to renovate a specific area of the workplace, the remaining areas need to be up and running without interruption, noise, or dust. STARC is not only air-tight and sound attenuating, but also attractive, as we understand that clients, customers, and residents will still be passing by the project area. Because of the ease of dismantling, contractors have the ability to focus on one phase of the project at a time and simply move to the next phase, while keeping daily operations running smoothly.

A Diverse System

The STARC System was designed to accommodate a diverse set of situations where renovation containment or infection control is required. It was made to be a reusable, safe, and secure temporary wall system that eliminates the stress and concern on improper containment for contractors, damage restoration companies, and facility directors/owners.

Easy to clean and dismantle, the system has proven to reduce labor costs and downtime between project phase while giving the confidence to contain dust, the spreading of infection, and allow clients to continue daily operations.

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