What’s the Difference Between an Anteroom and a Buffer Room?

What is an Anteroom Used For?

An anteroom is a small room that leads into a larger room. For healthcare construction and renovation projects, anterooms provide a space to don and remove protective clothing, store PPE, and provide a transition airlock to the construction spaces.

What is a Buffer Room?

A buffer room is similar but different. Buffer rooms provide a clean space that serves a variety of functions, including the preparation of sterile supplies. Think of a buffer room as a sterile area that exists between clean and unclean rooms for the purpose of limiting cross-contamination between the two areas.

Negative Air Capabilities

Anterooms support infection control efforts, enabling facilities to conduct renovations without having to shut down areas of the hospital. Considered vital to reducing hospital-acquired infections, anterooms help protect patients, caregivers, staff, and visitors by isolating contaminated air, dust, and potentially dangerous airborne pathogens.

In addition to fast-and-easy installation, STARC anterooms offer fully integrated negative air panels for when there’s a need to exceed ICRA Class IV or Class V requirements. For more information, click here.

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