9 Ways STARC Systems Is Improving Healthcare Construction Containment

The STARC System was developed to meet the need to significantly improve the performance of construction containment in the healthcare environment, while reducing material, installation, decommissioning and labor costs associated with temporary containment.

The system provides a high-performance barrier for infection control, dust contaminants, smoke and construction noise, while providing a secure work zone that is attractive and appealing to the working staff and patients in the facility.


STARC panels provide a high pressure sealed environment with cleanable all-metal surfaces, preventing dust intrusion into the staff areas and reducing the permeation of smells (adhesives, paint, debris, fumes) associated with healthcare construction. The system easily allows standard regular cleaning procedures to maintain the antiseptic/antimicrobial surfaces. An ICRA Class IV capable infection control barrier is thus created while greatly reducing the impact of the construction area on facility staff.


The sealed panel system interface provides an effective smoke barrier, demonstrating a pressure capacity of over .045” water column.


Our insulated panels provide sound attenuation of airborne noise up to 10db (50%), dramatically reducing the impact and distraction of construction noise on the working staff and patients in the facility. A quieter environment allows a normal work routine/patient experience and reduces the distractions caused by the construction activity.


STARC panels present a clean white façade to the construction zone that is rigid, durable and professional in appearance. Add graphics to the panels promoting your new renovation, or communicating the improved capabilities of your facility.


Reduce the downtime of your critical assets by reducing the containment aspects of healthcare construction phases from days to just minutes. The STARC modular system provides a complete containment solution without supplemental materials and assembles quickly with just one tool. Reducing the time between phases correlates to a direct savings in total project duration, allowing new assets and profit centers to come online faster, improving annual revenues.


Our reusable containment system demonstrates a ROI of 3 to 8 uses compared to plastic barriers or drywall construction. Realize the immediate benefits of equipment (capital) depreciation, no waste disposal, dramatically reduced containment labor costs and no daily maintenance, while reducing associated expenses of facility downtime. High-quality construction ensures years of trouble and maintenance free use of the panel system components.


With no demolition materials created, the STARC modular system eliminates years (and tons) of accumulated containment waste. The panels themselves are 100% recyclable, when they reach the end of their useful life.


We can demonstrate compliance with Joint Commission standards, while providing a containment solution that is compliant with Infection Control, Fire, Building and Sanitation standards.


STARC system modules are engineered for many years and hundreds of cycles of use in the construction environment, with rugged heavy-duty components that are wear resistant and are serviceable. The construction side if the panels are faced in galvanized steel for maximum durability and impact resistance.


Our modular system provides you with turnkey solution for interior containment and isolation requirements, accommodating typical architectural details easily with the available panel sizes, corners, wall and ceiling interfaces, filler panels, pre-hung doors and attachment details. Negative pressure spaces are facilitated with our air management panel that integrates an exhaust louver with pressure monitor ports ready to connect to your pressure monitor/recorder.

Optionally, we offer custom solutions including modular ceiling panels, custom panel widths and heights, as well as special modules for your particular application.

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